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About Us

Who we are

Audita Group is a group of companies based in Portugal which manages a diversified business portfolio.

From the group we highlight the following entities:

  • Auditaccount, Office Center, Ld.ª
  • Opção Exigente, Office Center, Unip. Ld.ª
  • Office of translations/ Interpreting and transcriptions - which is denominated with the brand name "Quinta das Conchadas".
Our Vision
We believe it is possible to connect people through translation, supporting our clients in achieving their goals. We do so based on sincere attention to translation, collaboration, and a thorough eye for innovation. With an open mind and continuous focus on improvement, we push the vision and boundaries of our clients and ourselves.
Our Values
Quality, excellence, reliability, and speed. These are some of the values we apply daily in everything we do. Throughout its history, the group has achieved a solid culture, a high capacity for innovation and for successfully responding to the successive challenges imposed by our clients. Due to our large team of competent professionals, we can identify ourselves as a group that operates in these areas with the highest quality standards.
Experience and Qualification
Our team is composed of experienced and highly qualified translators and interpreters. Many of our professionals are specialists in specific fields such as justice, finance, technology, medicine, among others. Our transcription team possesses exceptional transcription skills, ensuring that recordings are transcribed accurately and promptly. We believe that experience and qualification are essential for providing high-quality translation and transcription services.
Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Our commitment is based on customer satisfaction, and that is our top priority. We believe that the best way to grow and thrive as a company is by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we work closely with those who seek our services to meet their needs and provide customized solutions. We are a group that values customer feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of our services.

Quality policy

Audita Group has adopted a Quality Policy centered on its objectives and based on its mission and values, with the aim of providing its customers with a final product free of errors or inconsistencies, where interpretation and analysis raise no questions. The group focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality and competitive services, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and applicable legislation. Our Quality Policy ensures the provision of high-quality services, with all involved means and resources properly suited and updated, enabling an effective and efficient response to customer needs.

Audita Group is also committed to the continuous improvement of the quality management system, through regular performance analysis of processes and the execution of necessary procedures to implement and assess necessary improvements.


Praceta São Gens nº 126, 4460-819 Custóias
Matosinhos, Portugal
+351 229 515 494  
+351 937 730 704  

Rua do Outeiro 9, 6290-261, Rio Torto
Gouveia, Portugal
+351 238 487 021 / +351 229 515 494 
FÁTIMA COELHO MARTINS, ENI _ QUINTA DAS CONCHADAS                                             

Av. André Jordan, Martinhal Quinta do lago, 7, 8135-998 Almancil
Algarve, Portugal
+351 229 515 494 
+351 937 730 704/ +351 966 798 387 

About Us