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Conference interpretation, whether simultaneous or consecutive, is a form of translation in which the interpreter, using specialized equipment, conveys in real-time what is being said in another language. Participants, equipped with headphones and receivers, can hear the speaker's speech in their preferred language without interruptions. The selection of qualified interpreters is crucial for the success of interpretation.


Consecutive Interpretation is a form of translation in which the speaker speaks for a short period and then pauses to allow the translator to translate/interpret what was said. It is suitable for more informal events or those with a smaller audience, such as business meetings, business dinners, or interviews. It's important to emphasize that this type of translation takes more time compared to simultaneous translation (where the interpreter translates while the speaker speaks).


We also provide whispered interpretation services, in which the interpreter stands next to the person who will hear the interpretation and speaks directly into their ear, without the use of transmitting or receiving equipment. This modality is widely used on occasions where translation is required for only one viewer, as if it were for more than one person, the interpreter would have to speak in a louder tone, which could disturb the event.