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Sign Language

Portuguese Sign Language (LGP)

Grupo Audita proudly offers a wide range of specialized services in Portuguese Sign Language (LGP). As advocates for inclusion and accessibility, we are committed to providing high-quality linguistic solutions to meet the needs of the deaf community and promote equal opportunities.

Our interpreters have academic qualifications, extensive experience in LGP interpretation, and a deep understanding of deaf culture. They are also familiar with the intricacies and nuances of the language, ensuring precise and fluent communication.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, such as high-definition cameras and real-time video transmission systems, to ensure sharp image quality and provide a seamless interpretation experience, even from a distance.

Furthermore, our interpretation services cover various domains, including meetings, conferences, public events, medical consultations, classes, and more. We are prepared to meet communication needs in different contexts, adapting to the specific demands of each situation.

We recognize the importance of accessibility and inclusion for individuals with hearing difficulties and/or hearing impairments. That's why we are committed to providing high-quality language solutions, promoting equal access to information, and full integration into society.

By choosing our services, you are investing in ensuring effective communication and promoting equal opportunities for the Deaf community. Join us and be a part of this movement for the inclusion and appreciation of Portuguese Sign Language.