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At Audita Group, we offer a wide range of video captioning services in any language. Our team of captioning experts is ready to add accurate and high-quality captions to videos, ensuring that the message is understood by people all around the world.

CLOSED CAPTION (CC) - Audiovisual Captioning

Enhance Your Audiovisual Experience!

Did you know that interlingual captioning is one of the most widely used resources in the television industry and on video streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix? At Audita Group, we specialize in providing accurate and high-quality captions for your videos, programs, and other audiovisual content.

Our "Closed" captions are carefully crafted to provide an exact transcription of what is said in the visual medium. With this option, you can select and activate captions for a more immersive and inclusive viewing experience. No matter the language in which the content was produced, our team is prepared to deliver excellent interlingual captions.

In addition to transcribing speech, our captions also include descriptions of non-visual elements, such as background music, doorbells ringing, or footsteps of people not visible on the screen. This way, we ensure that all details of the content are accessible and understood by a diverse audience.

Our personalized approach and the use of advanced technology guarantee clear legibility and seamless synchronization between audio and captions. With Audita Group, you'll have professional-quality interlingual captions, significantly enhancing viewers' viewing experience.

Discover how Audita Group can help make your audiovisual content more accessible and engaging, reaching a global audience.


Have you heard of real-time captioning? Although not yet widely used in Portugal, it is an increasingly adopted practice in the United States and the United Kingdom, where legislation requires that most television programs be accessible to people with hearing difficulties.

Real-time captioning offers an immediate and dynamic solution to make television programs more inclusive. During live broadcasts, captions are generated in real-time, synchronized with the audio, allowing people with hearing disabilities to simultaneously follow the content being broadcast.

While it is a powerful technology, real-time captioning faces some challenges. Due to the process of transcription, encoding, and displaying captions, there is often a slight delay compared to the original audio. Additionally, captions may occasionally contain errors due to the required speed.

At Audita Group, we are committed to overcoming these challenges and providing high-quality real-time captioning. Our team of experienced and specialized professionals uses advanced technology to deliver accurate captions with the least possible latency.

We understand the importance of accessibility and strive to provide a service that meets the highest standards of quality and demand. We invest in continuous training to ensure that real-time captions are clear, precise, and enhance the viewing experience.

Make your content accessible to everyone, allowing people with hearing difficulties to fully enjoy television programs by offering an inclusive and engaging audiovisual experience.


This is a widely used method in the educational context, helping students develop their reading skills through visual elements. In this context, this type of captioning requires a high level of technical and quality assurance to ensure that students are not misled during the learning process.

Same-language captioning involves adding captions to audiovisual content in its original language. This allows students to associate spoken words with written words, facilitating comprehension, learning, and the improvement of reading skills. It is a valuable resource for students of different levels and abilities, providing rich and effective visual support.

At Audita Group, we understand the importance of technical quality in same-language captioning. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals is committed to ensuring that captions are accurate, clear, and consistent with the spoken content. Our goal is to provide an enriching learning experience, free from any ambiguity or misinterpretation.

By choosing same-language captioning, you will have access to a superior educational resource. Our captioning service is carefully crafted to provide authentic visual support, ensuring that students are guided with precision and reliability in the learning process.

Explore the benefits of same-language captioning and provide your students with an enriching educational experience, strengthening their reading and comprehension skills, and enhancing learning through exceptional quality captions.

SLE Captioning - Captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

SLE, or Sign Language Equivalent, involves converting spoken words from an audiovisual production into text, making that production accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. In addition to spoken words, this type of captioning also interprets sounds, noises, and emotions, using codes specific to the deaf community. It is widely used in videos, movies, documentaries, and in classrooms. Provide inclusive and equal access experiences with Audita Group's SLE captioning.