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Welcome to Audita Group, a highly skilled translation services specialist. We offer a wide range of linguistic solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. Thanks to our expertise and commitment, we ensure that all translations are carried out with the utmost precision.

Translation in 24h

Thanks to our recognized flexibility, we are capable of providing translations in any language within a 24-hour timeframe. Primarily aimed at urgent documents that require a quick and effective translation, our 'Translation within 24 hours' service never compromises on the quality of the translation and is one of the most requested services by our clients.


Simplified translation that doesn't require certification, yet the quality of service remains uncompromised. Examples include: simple texts/documents, website content, social media content, study materials, presentations, resumes, letters, emails, and more.


We provide high-quality translations of legal documents, certificates, diplomas, records, legal proceedings, or any other document that requires translation for official purposes. Our services ensure reliable and credible results that can be presented before national and international institutions.


We perform partial or complete translations of books for presentation or publication abroad or in Portugal. Our specialized translators are committed to preserving the entire content of the text so that the meaning is not altered. This service covers all areas of literature, from novels to scientific publications.


One requirement of technical translation is the specialized knowledge of the translator. Given the existence of complex technical terms, it is essential that the professional has expertise in the specific field. We place great importance on the meticulous selection of the translator who best fits the type of translation required to ensure the final result is superb.


Marketing translations play a pivotal role in driving business success. Our focus is to distinguish your company from the competition. To achieve this, we rely on an experienced, highly qualified team committed to meeting the set goals. We understand the importance of conveying the right message to the target audience, ensuring that your company is appropriately represented in all markets.